What is copier pickup roller ?

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Copier pickup Roller ,,,
The pickup roller is the wheel that can pull the paper from the stack, mainly for office equipment, such as printers, copiers, printing machines, digital one printing presses. The pickup roller is generally composed of two parts, the middle part of which is a relatively rigid plastic component, which serves to carry the rubber wheel for the pickup and the pickup roller assembly on the drive rod for driving the pickup roller. The other part is a direct contact with the paper rubber wheel, it must have a certain degree of friction, so the surface is relatively rough, and some even jagged, such as digital one printing press is the case. The shape of the pickup wheel is generally two, one is round, most of which is this shape, and some are semicircular, mainly used in printers and copiers. Its color is varied, the size is different. The life of the pickup roller, the regular manufacturers of the general production of about 500,000 in the office supplies market, we often see a lot of substitutes, this product because of their poor material, the use of longevity is very short, long only Two or three thousand, even worse only two or three thousand. Selection and Design of Pick Roller Material

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Picking principle
1, feed mode: First, sucking paper through the sucker gas, the second is through the air after the paper blowing paper, and the third is the rotation of the pickup roller to force the rub paper. Generally speaking, in the high-end professional printing equipment mostly sucker air sucking paper way, coupled with the air blowing paper, picking paper without anise, but the value of the machine higher. And the office with one of the printing presses, copiers, laser printers, money detector, scanners, scoring machines and so on are rubbing paper wheel rotation forced rub paper way, the machine is small, low value.

2, the pickup roller rotation forced rubbing way of working principle: pickup roller when the drive shaft is rotated, through the one-way clutch (one-way bearing) brake drive the pickup wheel rotation, will have pressed the paper next to the paper Stick and drive it forward. At the same time, the friction plate (rubbing sheet, damping sheet, damping wheel), which is close to the bottom of the pickup roller, allows the first sheet of paper to be pressed and the second sheet of paper to follow the first sheet move.

3, rubbing paper wheel rotation forced rubbing way of the mechanism of action: forced pickup paper refers to the pickup roller will be pressed under the first edge of the paper, through the pressure and sticky role, rotating paper to move forward, more The ground is pressed under the pickup roller, smoothly with the rotation of the pickup wheel to advance the paper. At this time rubbing the first piece of paper on the friction of the paper must be greater than the friction plate below the damping force, the paper can proceed smoothly. However, the pressure of the pickup roller can not exceed the damping force of the friction plate on the second sheet of paper, otherwise it will cause the second sheet to cause double sheet feeding as it crosses the friction plate. Therefore, the design of the pickup roller is to achieve "the  pressure bonding paper, produce the largest rubbing force" (and should not be called friction).

The performance of the pickup roller material
1, the viscosity is high: from the pickup roller feed principle point of view, the exact call roller should be pick up the paper wheel. Is rubbing sure there is friction, there is friction between the wheel and paper between the slide, and the design of the feed timing is not allowed to have a sliding, sliding means that there is time lag, the delay will certainly bring dislocation, it will Was judged by the machine as a paper jam. Therefore, there should not be friction, not rubbing paper, is to stick the paper to pick up the paper to move forward, rotating sticky and rely on gravity off, so that the paper came to the paper under the force of the paper feed. Therefore, the sticky paper picking effect will be good.

2, good wear resistance: As the pickup roller kept contact with the paper hard, after all, there are friction, wear-resistant material made of rubbing paper, durable, long life, will not soon be Grinding bald polished paper, installed soon appeared on the rub paper barrier.

3, the density should be high: high density materials, compact structure, not easy to stick ash fouling. Low density materials (such as rubber material), capillary pores, easy to stick with the paper into the dirt attached to the surface of the pickup roller, affecting the pickup effect.

The characteristics of commonly used materials
1, rubber materials (including the original rubber smoke and Dingqing rubber): the advantage is that the hardness can be done lower, the more soft the pickup roller rubbing the better the effect of paper, vulcanization is easy and easy deformation, processing costs are low. The disadvantage is that the density of the lower pickup roller surface easy to scale, the viscosity of the material generally picking paper in general, poor wear resistance is not very durable; of course, good quality rubber and poor rubber is still very different.

2, silicone rubber material: the advantages of a large sticky paper viscosity effect is good, good flexibility to send a good paper. The disadvantage is poor wear resistance is not durable, which is its fatal weakness, so do not use the silicone to do the paper wheel.

3, the polyurethane material: the advantages of strong wear resistance, made of paper wheel life is particularly long; high density, smooth surface does not scale; hardness, processing and re-processing performance. The disadvantage is due to the material viscosity is small, and the paper affinity is poor, the friction is less than the rubber, picking effect is poor; high hardness of the effect of thin paper is not hard to do hard, ordinary polyurethane hardness of 80-95 degrees, After modification can be reduced to 60-70 degrees, but the performance index greatly reduced. In general, the hardness of the pickup roller rubbing thick paper is better, the effect of thin paper scraping.

4, polyester rubber material: it is a collection of rubber and polyurethane materials, the advantages of synthetic materials, the advantages of large viscosity, and paper affinity, rub paper force, picking paper is very good; density slightly smaller than the polyurethane , But far greater than the rubber, the surface is not sticky gray, not scaling; hardness to do low can also be done high, can be processed hardness range of 20-75 degrees; wear resistance slightly lower than the polyurethane, but much larger than rubber, Long life, the general life of up to 100 million or so.

The mechanism of the design of the pickup roller
1, the distance between the pickup roller and the speed of the paper, the diameter of a large rub when fast, a large amount of stamp every minute. The life of the pickup paper is large in diameter, and the number of times of contact with the paper is less than that of the small diameter, and the durability is high.

2, the width of the pickup roller and the maximum width of the pickup and the speed of the pickup, the general width of the paper wheel is designed to 15-40 mm, the speed of the pickup roller width is not easy to go, wide paper Round also correspondingly wider. The speed of the pickup roller should be narrower, not susceptible to the balance of the rotation of the shaft, to ensure that the paper does not go away.

3, the hardness of the pickup roller and the weight of the paper to be concerned about the paper when the paper rubbing wheel to a greater degree of hardness, paper light rubbing paper wheel hardness to be smaller. Pickup from the high speed of one of the printing presses to see the wheel, most of the choice of 35-45 degrees of rubber material, for pickup range 45-80 grams of paper. According to the customer paper range to set the rubbing wheel hardness, if the use of 60-120 grams of paper, the material hardness can choose 45-50 degrees; if 100-200 grams of paper, the material hardness can choose 50-55 degrees.

4, rubbing paper wheel surface shape and pickup speed and paper weight, if the paper speed or paper when the weight is small, rubbing paper smooth and paper contact surface large, airtight, easy to pull adhesion, only By the paper's weight sub-paper, when the speed is difficult to separate off, likely to cause roll paper, paper jam. At this time to use the tooth structure, the main purpose is to reduce the adhesion of the contact surface, so that the pickup roller and paper easy to separate. The width and depth of the tooth can vary depending on the diameter of the pickup roller, the thickness of the pickup paper, and the hardness of the material. Slow paper or paper thickness can be made when the leather surface or fine tooth surface, there is enough time to rely on the paper's weight sub-paper, this pickup roller for the slow pickup of the printer and copier, pressure Paper is large, rubbing paper feeding more stable.